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2007 Dodge Nitro SLT 4x4
I've had my Nitro for about a month now I still have people asking me what it is. I guess they're not very popular here in Southern Indiana yet. The whole reason I wanted one was to be different, but even that wasn't enough... It's still growing on me. My wife was jumping up and down wanting it after the first test drive. I sold my truck(00' Silverado) and she got to keep her car (03' Mazda 6). I can't decide if it was a good trade on a truck. I recently had a wreck/totaled my 06 Harley Street Rod and sold my chopper. I guess that makes the Nitro my new toy. I've been putting chrome pieces on it (handles, grill, gate trim)... I plan on getting mirror covers, the back door pillars, side vents in chrome. I'm an eBay fanatic and it supprised me all the after market parts available for the Nitro already. My newest addition is 24 inch wheels! I've been on these threads and seen everyone bragging about having 22's. I had to be different and go big (bigger is better). I know it's going to ride like crap, but I'm young and dumb and willing to sacrifice the ride. I just got the wheels yesterday and did a test fit before I ordered tires. It's going to be close but they should fit w/ out fabrication. Does anyone know what I have to do about the Tire Pressure Sensors? I got some ordered but will the computer reprogram them or will I have to take it to the dealer? I read in mitchell1 and said drive for 10 min. above 15MPH and they should automaticlly pick up the S/n on the sensors. Does anyone know from experience?

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Welcome 07nitr0. I have read your other posts. I wish you luck on your 30" tires on your 24s. Also, I replied to your thread on the tire pressure monitors. Basically, you have nothing to worry about in those regards. Post some pix when you get them installed.

for sale!

;) one year old rims and tires. niche rims and dicovery tires 20" all four for about 700$ 70% tire tred and looking damn fine on my 07 blck nitro. winter time and i dont need them from where i am from in the snow.
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