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April 28, 2008
Los Angeles, CA -- A new car commercial is generating alot of buzz for its humorous take on pet owners who see their pets as children. Since its debut last week, the 30-second Dodge Nitro ad, has had over 450,000 views on the internet.

The ad features radio personality Jane Harris and her husband, Adrian Martinez both of the popular pet radio station, getting ready to hit the road. "Did you remember to buckle her up?" Harris asks Martinez. He replies: "Yup!" Leading viewers to believe they are referring to a child, the following scene instead shows a little brownish terrier buckled up – sending a message that pet owners see their pets as children also.

"It´s a very clever idea," says Jennifer Saunders, who runs a creative agency but had no involvement with the commercial. "Pet lovers are becoming one of the most powerful buying segments in America and I think companies are just now starting to see that."
Article Link:California Chronicle | Puppy Love or Clever Marketing
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