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Parking rule upsets workers

Chrysler's Newark, Del., assembly plant put in place new parking rules, the News Journal in Delaware reported last week.

Under one of the rules, owners of non-Chrysler vehicles are not allowed to park near the factory and must use a marked-off area of the plant's back lot.

A Chrysler spokesman confirmed the rule and said it is similar to those used at other company facilities. The rule is determined locally, the spokesman added.

The preferential parking is seen by the company as an incentive to purchase a Chrysler vehicle.

The Delaware newspaper added that non-Chrysler vehicles parked in the wrong place could be towed, beginning March 24.

The new rule did not sit well with workers, many of whom noted they drive other UAW-made vehicles. The plant is slated to be closed next year.

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thats nothing new.............they done that to us here at GM for the last 3 or 4 years now. all non GM cars have to park in the back of the lot
very childish to me if you want my opinion but what can you do
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