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Just purchased yesterday 2007 Nitro with 88k miles on it that appears to have been caught in some kind of "time warp" as it is in absolutely pristine shape.

My intro is...I'm an old school S10 ('94 Blazer w/4.3L Vortec) fan but became intrigued with the Nitro recently because the old S10 hit 300k miles and is beginning to have problems not worth fixing.
BTW, purchased the S10 in 1999 and have not bought anything since. (read technology/sticker shock)

I choose the Nitro because it appears to be similar to my Blazer...on Steroids, has a low record of mechanical complaint and finally it just "looks neat". Also because there has been a FEW changes to SUV s in the past 29 years when I began coming up to speed I found most stuff out there was "crap" mechanically ie., design flaws, cheap and ugly but the Nitro stood out. A few things I really like about the Nitro over the Blazer is quality of construction and maintenance accessibility (I'm an old retired airline A&P mechanic...opps we're called technicians today.

Anyway, my main interest currently is acquiring Service and Shop Manuals. I don't work on anything without "paper", well electronic paper.
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