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New R/T Photo's

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I just picked up my new R/T yesterday and I love it.

It is everything I wanted in a SUV, and thanks to all the people on this forum who's posts I have read.
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Glad you are happy, but I don't see the pics or are they coming later?:confused:
Dude - where are the teaser.
What color did you get? and did you get 2wd or 4wd? Also post pics when you can. Oh!, and Congrats on the purchase.:cool:
How do you like the ride? Is the suspension just right? Or too firm? On my SLT, the ride is perfect. Any more firmness would make it hard on the body.
I am having trouble getting the photo's downsized to they will up load:mad:

You can go to this site and look for Ramman there are the photo's. Sorry.
I just purchased my R/T today, will take delivery of it tomorrow! Black, 4x4, w/ sunroof. Will post pics of it when I pick it up! Stoked!!!:)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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