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CES 2009: Sirius XM Debuts First Interoperable Satellite Radio

Thursday, January 08, 2009 14:07

Las Vegas (NV) - Post Sirius-XM merger, satellite radio fans subscribing to one service or the other had to settle for piecemeal choices of hearing channels from the other. Sirius XM says no more, unveiling today at CES Mirge, its first interoperable satellite radio priced at around $250.

The Mirge will allow subscribers to receive all the commercial-free music, news, talk, sports and comedy channels and shows from both the XM and Sirius services. The best way to get at this offering from a package perspective is an upcoming comprehensive offering which will grant access to all channels for around $20 a month.

Features of the Mirge, which is due out this spring, include one button switch between XM and Sirius, display of channel information and a real-time programming guide on the color display, a one hour pause/rewind/replay buffer, artist/song alerts and 10 presets. Stocks and sports scores are also displayed on-screen while programming is being listened to.

The Mirge comes with an interoperable vehicle antenna, vehicle dock, vehicle power adapter, cassette adapter, aux in cable, vent and adhesive mount and remote control. Optional accessories which will be available for it include a home kit, sound system and compact sound system.

LINK:TG Daily - CES 2009: Sirius XM Debuts First Interoperable Satellite Radio
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