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Newbie from Italy

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Hi all !

My name's Paolo and i'm from Padova, in Italy.
I'm sorry if you will find many mistakes in my post but my english it's not good..
I'll try to do my best in future !

See you !

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Hello from another newbie

Hello, Paolo!

Don't worry too much about your English, they seem to be pretty easy around here.

What part of the country is Padova? I was in Sabaudia in Oct 2006, only my second overseas trip.

The Nitro has to be HUGE over there! I saw so many tiny cars, it seems anything that seats more than 4 people is a large car. (Had a rented Daweoo for 2 days ... Terracina was the largest town I drove in ... no city driving ... you guys are CRAZY over there! :D:D:D)

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