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hey all, have a 08 Nitro SXT with 3.7. only issue I am having is getting a "lo Cool" message on the odometer. This is after I have replaced the TIPM. I purchased the part from Maks out of Cali. found an issue with the ground in blue plug. Got all my other issues resolved but this one. I can't seem to find anything related to the "Lo Cool" message. If anyone can point me int the right direction, I would be much appreciated. Also, I am the 2nd owner of this ride. Have had it since 13,000 miles. Now resides at 163,000. Never had any issues up until here lately. Thanks again
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Thanks Rick, I forgot to add, that coolant is full both in reservoir and radiator. I just can't locate the sensor causing the warning to come on? Is the temp sensor and fluid level the same sensor?
Not sure what you have. Is the yellow check engine Light on your dash too? A engine Code sure would be helpful! Does your heater work just fine (no air lock). Is the tempt engine sender wire hooked up? Have you reset the computer by un-hooking the batter for 5 min to see if your message would disappear?

The engine temperature sending unit on a Dodge Nitro 3.7 is located on the Top Left Front of engine by the thermostat, on the intake manifold It is to the left of the thermostat and has a black right angle boot.

Does your A/C work?
Everything works as it should, no check engine light. no code. that I know of, had a guy hook it up to his scan tool. but can't figure out the "Lo Cool" message on the odometer board. It's just annoying that I can't get rid of it so I can the see the odometer reading again. Heater works as it should, a/c works well. Temp gauge on dash works. I have recently replaced the TIPM due to some major malfunctions. I was still having some issues after the TIPM change. found ground wire not making a good connection on the blue cable end. fixed that and all my other issues resolved except the "lo cool" message. I had to replace the water pump this past weekend and could not find a sensor that would indicate a low coolant level if that is what the "Lo Cool" message even means. That is why I reached out to the Nitro forums to see if anyone else has had this issue. I could not find anything on the internet related to this issue. I will take a pic when I get home to show you exactly what I am talking about and post it if that helps.

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