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Understanding The Cars And Classes

Pro Classes

Pro Overview

This is the top of the mountain, where the quickest cars and most skillful drivers in the world play. The NHRA Top Fuel Dragsters and Top Fuel Funny Cars are some of the fastest accelerating machines on the planet. With supercharged 500-cubic-inch HEMI® engines producing over 10,000 horsepower, these machines generate 8g's of acceleration at launch. Without their sophisticated aerodynamic spoilers, front wings and NACA ducts, these machines would literally fly. These nitro-methane burning beasts reach speeds of over 330 MPH and E.T.s under 3.8 seconds in 1000 feet. They transmit their awesome power to the massive rear slicks by engaging a series of clutches rather than a traditional transmission.

There are two popular door-slammer classes that have competitive side-by-side racing. Pro Stock, known as the Factory Hot Rods, have fuel-injected naturally aspirated 500 cubic-inch engines running on an approved racing gasoline under their hoods. The Pro Mods, while also being door-slammers, are hardly factory. Like the Pro Stock class, these are purpose built racecars with sophisticated tube chassis and four-link rear suspensions, but Pro Mods are allowed more body, chassis and engine modifications. These include mountain motors with an array of power adders such as superchargers, turbochargers and nitrous oxide, and can use different types of fuel for their application.

Top Fuel

Powered by supercharged, nitromethane-burning 500 C.I. HEMI® engines
Output over 10,000 horsepower
Race to 1000 ft. in 3.7 seconds at more than 330 mph
Wheelbase limited to 300 inches

Funny Car

Powered by the same supercharged, nitromethane-burning 500 C.I. HEMI® engines as Top Fuel dragsters
Run in the 3.8 second range for 1000 ft.
Are capable of speeds in excess of 330 mph
Carbon-fiber bodies

Pro Stock

Stock appearing body with full tube chassis
Four-link rear suspension, 33" slicks
Can make in excess of 1,300 horsepower
Run the 1/4 mile in 6.4 seconds at more than 215 mph

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Pro Mod

Engine choices are diverse
Superchargers, turbochargers or nitrous-oxide injection
Run into the high-five-second zone
Speeds of more than 250 mph
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