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NHTSA Investigating Volvo XC90

Jul 29, 2010
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating Volvo XC90s from the 2004 and 2005 model year for a reported defect in the SUV's lighting system.

Bloomberg reports XC90s from those model years "are being investigated by the U.S. for intermittent electronics defects in components such as headlights and turn signals, which may raise the risk of a crash."

Twenty-one "related complaints have been submitted thus far,” reports Motor Trend. "According to the NHTSA, the malfunctions are often intermittent. No crashes or injuries have been reported as of yet."
Earlier this year, Volvo recalled the C30, S40 and V50 for loose gear levers in their manual transmissions.

This time around, Autoblog says, if there's a recall the fix shouldn't be too tough: "Regulators say that simply replacing a bad control module is enough to set everything working again." But, that doesn't mean Volvo should rest easy. Autoblog adds, "So far, there are no reports of similar problems occurring in any other Volvo models of similar vintage, but you can bet your eyes that the NHTSA will be taking a closer look at the company's line up from four years ago just to make sure."

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