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Nitro Factory Worker - What do you think?

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I work at the factory which builds the Nitro and I was just wondering what everyone thinks of it!!
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Looks like you are going to get a paid two weeks vacation due to weak sales. Yes we do like it but JEEP is going to get all the push on sales so they plan to make less Nitros in the future!

See my other posting.
Nitro Worker

I'm very pleased with my NITRO, and I like the fact that an AMERICAN is building them. Regards
Just saw my local "Five Star Dealer" owner and when he asked how I liked it, I said I really do. He said they are really good cars (trucks). I said I read they may stop building it. He said he was attending a meeting next Tuesday and he would know then. I would hope they would not stop production this year, but they are really going to push the JEEP brands, which may leave the Dodge Nitro out. I sure hope not but if Chrysler thinks I would have bought a Jeep Liberty or anything else they presently offer, they are wrong. It was a Nitro R/T or nothing! Sure glad I got what I wanted. Still don't have 1,500 miles on it and it was bought July 27th. Time will tell, but with the "Net" we may quickly see what the future of the Nitro is.
Welcome Blondie... got your PM. Enjoy the site :)
Hey Blondie! I have a loaded, blue R/T, built the first month MyGIG was available. It was a special order - built for me. It is 6 months old now with over 6000 miles. Absolutely no problems. I love it. Spend several hours a day in it. I have made it my own and wouldn't trade it for anything. Thanks much for asking!!

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I love this vehicle!! Quick! Name a RWD SUV available with traction control, stability control, a fold flat front passenger seat, 5 speed auto. It can be foreign or domestic! I grew tired of replacing CV joints at $2,000.00 each on my toyota with only 40,000 miles. So, i went RWD!

YES! The only answer is Dodge Nitro!
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