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Apr 23, 2015

Police need public's help in Mishawaka hit-and-run case

Police believe the suspect vehicle is a light-colored Dodge Nitro, as pictured. Police say the vehicle is not necessary white.

Mishawaka Indiana police are asking for your help to solve a hit-and-run case. A driver allegedly hit a woman riding her bike, then took off.

Police say they are looking for a light-colored Dodge Nitro.

A young woman is recovering from serious injuries in the hospital and the driver of this car may be responsible.

Police say it happened Saturday around 8 a.m. on Dragoon near Valley Trail and Marian High School.

Amanda Gizzi, 23, was riding her bike then pulled over to call a friend. She told police that she saw a car coming towards her when the driver hit her and then took off.

"I can't even conceive it, I can't even think about it," says Larry Hupp, who lives near the corner where Gizzi was hit.

Hupp says he saw the aftermath.

"I seen a police car down here and a bike laying in the street,” he said. “So I pulled up, and he said, 'Whoa, whoa, whoa' and stopped and he told me someone got hit and I needed to back up. So I backed up."

Police are asking anyone with information on this incident, or knows anything about the driver of a light-colored Dodge Nitro that could have been involved to call them.

"It's pretty apparent, given the number of Nitros that are registered in this area and the little information we have on the suspect, this is going to be solved by a tip from the public,” said Capt. Tim Spencer with the Mishawaka Police Department.

Those who live around here say this is not the first incident and probably won't be the last.

Several neighbors tell WSBT 22 they would never ride their bike or jog on Dragoon simply because it's just too dangerous, and drivers aren't going the posted speed limit of 30 mph.

"This street's been a big problem for a lot of years,” said Hupp. “People speed by here constantly, 60-70 miles an hour."

Gizzi is now in fair condition. Police say she's already gone through multiple surgeries for broken bones, but she is expected to be OK.

Again, if you have any information about this incident, call Mishawaka Indiana Police immediately. That number is (574) 258-1678.

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