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Here's something you don't see every day. the 2007 Dodge Nitro isn't even in dealer showrooms, but one of them bumped into the back of a semi truck on a public street. It happened Friday morning when police say the driver of the Nitro blew through a stop sign and hit a semi near the Jeep plant in north Toledo.

It may not be the debut DaimlerChrysler had in mind for its new vehicle, but we captured the aftermath of the accident on video just so we could give you a sneak peek at the SUV so many car enthusiasts have been wanting to see. This one's the real thing that real people will be driving -- not the prototype shown off at a couple of auto shows. Click the video link to see what we're talking about.

The Nitro driver? A DaimlerChrysler employee who was ticketed for ignoring a stop sign. A company spokesman says DaimlerChrysler employees routinely drive new vehicles between the Toledo plant and headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

If you like what you see here and want to buy one, you'll have to wait. The Nitro won't be available until later this summer.

Workers at DaimlerChrysler's Toledo North Assembly Plant build the Nitro. They also build the Jeep Liberty.

Source: WTOL News
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