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Nitro observations

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I'm starting to get used to my blue Nitro. Boy, that electric blue really stands out. Since all the other black and chrome exterior pieces on the SLT are the same color on the R/T, I would think the R/T version would look too blue. The blend of black and chrome on the SLT w/ the blue body I think looks better. Can't beat the stronger engine and bigger wheels on the R/T though. Don't you notice that the electric blue, sunburst orange and inferno red colors look nicer in the shade than in the sun. That's just me.

I'm looking for positive/negative things to report back to my company so they can hopefully improve the vehicle. Here are some things I want to mention.

1. I really like the front seat side bolsters as it really hugs your body. I wish I could lower the drivers seat some more. Being 5"6', my head is a only about 3-4 inches from the roof. A taller person would probably be touching the roof.
2. The maximum setting on the heated seats is just the right temp. On my Liberty, the heated seats feel too hot after a while.
3. Lots of good knee space in the 2nd row. Even if the driver and passenger seat is set way back. The 2nd seat comfort is average.
4. The headrests are not functional. They lean forward too much and don't provide any comfort to the head whatsoever.
5. The seat leather feels good for a low end SUV.

1. I keeps on accidentally pressing the A/C when reaching to adjust the blower. They should increase the resistance on that button so there's less chance of pushing it by mistake. Or like in the Honda CRV, don't make the whole face a button. Maybe just the lower half of it.
2. I also accidentally press the ESP button (turning it off) when reaching down for the heated seat button. Maybe they should move the ESP away from the heated seats button. You normally use heated seats in winter. You wouldn't want to turn off ESP accidentally in slick conditions.
3. I like the ventilation control knobs. The feel and look is very nice. I've seen these kinds on the Honda CRV. The '07 Chrysler Sebring also has these controls. They should make it the standard for most Chrysler vehicles.
4. I like the REQ radio (not MyGig). FYI - REQ is the sales code. The buttons have a good feel and are well grouped together. The two dial buttons on each side have a nice feel when you turn them. They don't feel too loose or too hard when being turn. They also have a nice surface that gives your fingers good traction on the dial. It feels like dials on a more expensive radio.
5. Leather steering wheel is thick which is a good size and feel for most hands. Still getting used to the buttons on the steering wheel spokes that control the vehicle information center display. I really like the 'RESET ALL' option which saves you from having to reset each veh. info center seperately. I do this everytime I fill up with gas.
6. I like the gauges and they way they illuminate in daytime. Sometimes I forget to turn on my headlights at night because I see the gauges lit up when I start the car.

1. The locking/unlocking of all door locks is noisy. They all go down and up with a loud 'CLANG'. First time I've experienced this in all the Chrysler vehicles I've driven.
2. I like the 115V auxiliary power outlet in the 2nd row. I haven't used it yet but I know this will come in handy for a laptop or mini-dvd player.
3. Most of the plastic like on the dashboard and doors feel cheap (just like they do on the Jeep Compass). I guess you can't expect much from a lower end SUV.
4. Rear cargo space is excellent. Much better than the Liberty. It's odd they don't provide a cargo cover standard on the SLT. I think it should be.
5. The back side of the 2nd row seats scratches easily.
6. Why are only the speakers in the cargo area tagged with 'Infinity Sound System'? IMO, if you got the upgraded sound system, all the door speakers should be labeled as such.

1. Fuel economy it the same as my Liberty. No surprises here.
2. Engine is sluggish. Especially in overtaking situations. You really have to floor it to make it jump. Liberty is more peppier. It'll probably be dog when the A/C is turned on. The cruise control computer has to work extra hard to keep this baby on the same speed. LOL.

1. Love those chrome wheels. Easier to clean. Looks good w/ the electric blue body color.
2. The satellite radio antenna on the rear part of the roof looks sporty. A lot of cars are going this way. I really like it. I wonder if these are safe in car washes. I don't want to take a chance so I take it off everytime I enter the carwash. It's a hassle.

1. Overall a better ride than the Liberty. The suspension handles bumps firmly but comfortably (note: the R/T has stiffer suspension). Not much body roll on fast turns - a good thing. Also, a much quieter ride than the Liberty.

This is all I have for now. I'll probably add some more as time goes on.
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Nice post. I'm considering purchasing a Nitro and your observations are appreciated.
Excellent list. The main problem I had with the Nitro isn't there, though, perhaps because I'm a little taller than you are. When getting in, I had a hard time not hitting my head on the header in a Nitro without the power seat. Making the seat lower, as you already do suggest, would help.
I'm still taller than you are & don't have the problem. I read your review & then went & test drove the Nitro. Your review may be "what the magazines will write later" but it's not even close to what I experienced or what I've read on other websites.
I have also said many time that if someone drives a vehicle, and their experience is different than mine, then their experience is what should matter for them.

I've said this most thoroughly here, when discussing comparison tests in general:

I still want to drive the R/T at some point, now that these appear to be available.
Does anyone know if they're going to have a tricked out nitro at the DC autoshow this week? I'm looking to go and would really like to see one there especially if its loaded like crazy. I haven't found any good info on it and want to make sure its there on the day I go - prob wed or thurs. Hopefully it'll be fully loaded with the mygig.
I think the vehicles are furnished by the local dealers. You may be able to find out by calling one of them.

Of course they'll tell you to just come to the dealership...
I went to the show last thurs and it was pretty tight. they had two nitros on display - the black one with the gray interior was amazing. The load n go was cool and I really liked the interior too, much more space than I was anticipating. They weren't tricked out, and the mygig wasn't installed yet either, but i really liked it - i'll post some pics soon.
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