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Nitro Owners are really lucky.

No matter what happens to Nitro in the future there are more aftermarket inside and outside parts available for 2007 and up that any car I have ever owned. Don’t know if they were designed to fit 08 Jeep Liberty too as some must, but we can all make our’s unique.

After seeing the posted pictures of “Mega Chrome” member JAS OZ with chrome tail light bezels, I ordered a set too. I thought I was done after adding numerous aftermarket body parts this past summer, and only now want to add factory MOPAR running boards to keep dirt off the sides, this spring. Did not know they used tape and at first thought I would have to wait till Spring/Summer to install like most of my other modifications installed with tape, when it was really hot late last year.

Well I couldn't’t wait and removed the complete rear tail lamps, brought them inside to warm up and installed them in front of an inside heater. They really look like factory install tail lamps. I'm not one for adding much chrome and so far it has been flat black accessories to the outside. But from the rear of a R/T the lift handle is chrome and the tail lamps are so plain, these chrome bezels really help.

I have had cars in the past that had little or no aftermarket parts available. Sure not the case with a Nitro!
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