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NITRO pricing now available on Dodge site

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i checked this morning and you can now build your own NITRO on the Dodge site

It shows all the available options and pricing

i came up with $32,335 for my black R/T :D

i also found that we have 2 local dealerships here in detroit that each have 1 NITRO SXT

looks like they are starting to show up at dealerships now
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Interesting...the options (and how they are grouped into packages) appear to be different on the Dodge site than on the Kelley Blue Book pricing. I want the SLT, and the only option I really want (and want to pay for) is the audio upgrade. The KBB site says the only way to get the audio upgrade is as part of a $2,000 trim package including the leather-trimmed seats. I actually prefer the YES fabric, so don't want to pay more to get something I want less. The Dodge site/pricing seems to allow you to just select/price the audio upgrade as a standalone option. I'm hopeful the optioning is accurate on the Dodge site, allowing you to mix and match more individual options as opposed to forcing you into trim packages.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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