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Nitro pricing

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2007 Dodge Nitro intro MSRP pricing

Production startup: August 14 (R/T production begins in December)

Nitro SXT $19,225 + $660
Nitro SLT $22,635 + $660

Nitro SXT $20,735 + $660
Nitro SLT $24,145 + $660

Part-Time 4WD will be standard on all 4x4s until Mid-November, Full Time 4WD will then replace Part Time 4WD on all Nitro's with automatic transmissions. Sunburst Orange and Electric blue begin production in September. Running boards will begin production in October. 20-inch chrome clad wheels, new nav radio and Remote Start will be available in November.

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Thanks for that valuable update. I'm now convinced I should wait for the R/T!
Think I will wait to, want that new radio & the running boards AWD sounds good also.
if RT production begins in december when can we expect it to be in the dealerships
Just uploaded full pricing to my price comparison site. Page for the Nitro:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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