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IL Insider: Chrysler Mourns, Looks To Replace Dodge Ram SRT10

Date posted: 07-11-2006
AUBURN HILLS, Mich. — Chrysler Group said on Monday it has stopped making the Dodge Ram SRT10 high-performance truck.

Dan Bodene, Chrysler Group's Street and Racing Technology/motorsports spokesman, told Inside Line that engineering teams are looking at a replacement for the Ram SRT10 "within the truck portfolio," but he said the company probably will not do a Durango SRT "because of its size and weight and the impact on performance."

In addition, Bodene said that a Dodge Nitro SRT is undecided, but added that "the likelihood of that is low because of powertrain concerns." The Nitro can't accommodate the company's vaunted Hemi engine. The 2007 Dodge Caliber SRT-4 is due out later this year.

Blame a good deal of the Ram SRT10's demise on gas prices. The quad-cab version of the high-performance truck only returned 9 mpg in city driving and 12 mpg on the highway. The regular cab version returned 9 mpg in city driving and 15 on the highway.

Dodge introduced the SRT10 in late 2003 and sold 4,500 of the trucks through 2005. Sales figures for 2006 are unavailable. The truck started at $48,505 but may now see a price spike given its discontinuation.

"At least we hope it does," Bodene said. He wouldn't disclose how many were left on dealer lots.

What this means to you: SRT is in a state of flux. But you can bet it will settle down and hit a couple out of the park this year.
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