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AirJunky said:
Someone drove a couple year old Hummer H1 to work today & parked right next to my Nitro. It was funny to see the two side by side. Obviously the Nitro is a lot smaller. But the Hummer had those same vents, the squared off, flat doors, & the short windows.
The Nitro isn't necessarily unique in styling, but uses some of the same features & puts it in a more realistic package. I can't imagine the Hummer gets great mileage or is very easy to park in a tight lot.
I think the Dodge design team are geniuses! Think about it. Almost all the main stream American SUV's going for a more and more rounded look... chasing after Acura & Lexus I presume. Dodge looks at the big heavy hitters Range Rover & Hummer and says... Let's build a bad boy package like that, but one that is more practical for more people. BAM... NITRO!!!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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