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Whenever we get a new vehicle, I try to take it on a significant road trip as soon as is personally possible.

We just returned from our initial trip with the Nitro. 3,879 miles worth, in 6 days.

We went to the Black Hills in SD. (unknowing at the time of planning, that it was the week of the Sturgis bike rally :eek: )

I used to live in Spearfish, but had not been back since '73. I bought my first motorcycle there and learned to ride in Spearfish Canyon.

Anyhow, the Nitro. In a word, superb.

We have the SXT with some options. Cruise, 3.73 rearend, full spare, 4 spd auto, etc. Most of the trip was driven between 75 and 80 mph (never drove over 100 mph). It was loaded with 2 adults, 2 teenagers and all the stuff necessary for living out of it for several days. Up in the hills, canyons, etc., it handled much better than I had imagined it might. All that electronic road handling stuff must work pretty good, I reckon.

The average, out of the 3,879 miles, was 22 mpg. That was tanks ranging anywhere from 19.5 to 25.4 mpg. Which was about the same, or maybe just a skosh better than the '05 Dakota Quad (also with the 3.7 V6) did on a similar trip in '05.
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