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no heat/defrost or fan will run!!!!!!!!!!

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Im really love my nitro but now im starting to get upset first the 2 recalls for stalling & brakes now this morning after a snow storm i went to start it and the defrost wouldnt come on I tried the fan on all levels nothing. no heat or anything. I will be calling them this morning but cant take it in till the windshield defrosts who knows when that will be a hugh noreaster is heading this way tommorow so i guess i will have to wait to next week before i take it in and pray for sunshine to melt the windshield.
Any one have this issue?????????? I can hear something like the fan is trying to engage or its a computer chip or something.
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Yes I did use the scraper- very funny but it was so cold that morning I couldnt very well drive over an hour on the highway to the dealer 12 degrees outside with no heat.
Any ways my husband and I started down to the dealers when about 10 miles from home the damn thing came on full blast. Dealer said well they cant do nothing now call if it happens again.
I just wanted to know if this was happening to anyone else to see if maybe its another issue.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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