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no heat/defrost or fan will run!!!!!!!!!!

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Im really love my nitro but now im starting to get upset first the 2 recalls for stalling & brakes now this morning after a snow storm i went to start it and the defrost wouldnt come on I tried the fan on all levels nothing. no heat or anything. I will be calling them this morning but cant take it in till the windshield defrosts who knows when that will be a hugh noreaster is heading this way tommorow so i guess i will have to wait to next week before i take it in and pray for sunshine to melt the windshield.
Any one have this issue?????????? I can hear something like the fan is trying to engage or its a computer chip or something.
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This is odd indeed. I brought your issue up with my dealer yesterday but had yet to post back to you.

First, for future knowledge, you will have heat even if you do not have blower. Turn the temp up and don't put on recirculation and it will heat the vehicle. I have gone through this as well and felt really dumb when I realized that it was still warm in the car though the blower was not working. That aside...............

My dealer (he is very open to the possibility that Dodge makes mistakes) said that this is just one more thing that the computer controls. It is very possible that there was a "status" noted in the computer that caused it not to turn on the blower motor. When I asked him what that meant he could not answer. He is a car guy not a computer guy is the answer I get when I press. There are a million sensors in these things and there are plenty of things that could cause this condition but not all of them are logged into an error code.

The only suggestion that he had was to insure that you leave enough time for the car to warm up before driving in extremely cold weather. He added driving while the car is cold could hurt more than just making you cold.

I personally will never see this as I almost never use my blower for heat. :)

I don't like these answers but being a network administrator, I am used to unexplained errors due to crummy programming.
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