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I have been looking for a new work suv since april. Well I brought down my equipment to a dealer to see if it will fit in a Nitro. Well it turns out that the Nitro has more room inside than my 95 Blazer.

I wasn't expecting to drive home in a brand new freaking car though. They had a used Nitro there with 3k miles on it. Silver with the black bumpers, which I don't like at all.

Well long story short that Brand new Nitro with 6 miles on it was only $1,400 more than the uesd one. This is kind of a no brainer here.

This is my frist brand new car. :clap:


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Welcome and congrats to you - thanks for posting pics. Looks like silver is a theme at your house.
Your Nitro looks great and it looks right at home in those beautiful country surroundings!
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