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Now Hitting Showrooms - New 2009 Chrysler and Dodge Minivans with 8 Percent Fuel Economy Improvement

- For the first time in Canada, newly optimized 4.0-litre engine and
minivan-first six-speed automatic transmission now standard on 2009
Chrysler Town & Country and available on Dodge Grand Caravan
- Fuel economy of 12.2 L/100 km city and 7.9 L/100 km highway
(23 Imp mpg city/36 highway Imp mpg) achieved by Chrysler & Dodge

- Best-in-class aerodynamics, Cd of 0.33
- 25 years later, Chrysler and Dodge still command 45 percent of
minivan market
- Since November of 1983, Chrysler has sold more than 12 million
minivans worldwide

WINDSOR, ON, Oct. 8 /CNW/ - New 2009 Chrysler Town & Country, now
standard equipped with a 4.0-litre six-cylinder engine, and Dodge Grand
Caravan, available with a 4.0-liter six-cylinder powertrain for the first time
in Canada, are arriving in dealer showrooms now. The newly optimized 4.0-litre
engine combined with a minivan-first six-speed automatic transmission deliver
Transport Canada fuel efficiency ratings of 12.2 L/100 km (23 Imp mpg) in the
city and 7.9 L/100 km (36 Imp mpg) on the highway.

"Chrysler and Dodge minivans continue to lead the segment Chrysler
invented 25 years ago," said Mark Bosanac, Vice President - Marketing,
Chrysler Canada. "We optimized both the engine and the transmission to give
our customers the fuel economy they want and the power and responsiveness they

A best-in-class aerodynamic exterior encapsulates the optimized 4.0-litre
single overhead cam (SOHC) aluminum V-6 engine that produces a powerful
251 horsepower (189kW) and 259 lb.-ft. (350 N-m) of torque. A re-tuned
six-speed transmission and higher numerical first gear launches Chrysler and
Dodge minivans more briskly than a comparable four- or five-speed
transmission. The engine also provides smaller steps between ratios, which
means the engine speed changes less with each shift, creating a smooth driving dynamic, with improved fuel economy. The end result is a fuel economy improvement to 12.2 L/100 km (23 mpg) city and 7.9 L/100 km (36 mpg) highway, or 8 percent versus the previous 2008 engine's fuel economy of 13.3 L/100 km (21 mpg) city and 8.7 L/100 km (32 mpg) highway.

Chrysler engineers have spent more than 25 years perfecting its
award-winning minivan formula and have created more than 65 minivan-first
features and more than 40 improved features from the previous generation
minivans. Today, Chrysler and Dodge minivans command more than 45 percent of
the Canadian minivan market segment.

New 2009 Chrysler Town & Country

The new 2009 Chrysler Town & Country offers a contemporary appearance,
two different models, two distinct seating and storage systems, unmatched
entertainment systems and safety features. The Chrysler Town & Country has 40 new and improved features over the previous generation, including a 4.0-litre V-6 engine mated to a minivan-first six-speed transmission and more standard equipment including Electronic Stability Program (ESP). The minivan-first Swivel 'n Go(TM) seating system offers second-row seats that swivel
180 degrees to face the third row with a removable table that installs between the two rows, covered storage bins in the floor and the second row, third-row uncovered storage, and fold-in-the-floor third-row seating. The 2009 Chrysler Town & Country received the U.S. Government's Five Star crash test rating in both front and side impacts. The Canadian Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of the new 2009 Chrysler Town & Country Touring is $37,695, not including $1350 destination.

New 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan

As the first to introduce the modern minivan in 1984, Dodge continues to
revolutionize the family road trip. The new 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan has 40
new or improved features over the previous generation including the exclusive
Swivel 'n Go(TM) seating system, turning the minivan into a "family room on
wheels." A 4.0-litre V-6 engine is available on the 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan
for the first time in Canada. The vehicle also offers an entertainment system
with minivan-first dual DVD. The 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan received the U.S.
Government's Five Star crash test rating in both front and side impacts. The
new 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT with optional 4.0-litre V6 engine is
available for $33,345 MSRP, not including $1,350 destination.

Dodge Brand

Dodge is Chrysler LLC's best-selling brand and the fifth largest
nameplate in the Canadian automotive market and has sold 116,736 units in
Canada in 2008 through September. In 2007, Dodge sold more than 1.3 million
vehicles in the global market.
The Dodge brand's first crossover vehicle - the all-new 2009 Dodge
Journey - arrived in dealer showrooms in the first quarter of 2008, and is now
available outside North America in petrol and diesel powertrains in both left-
and right-hand drive. This fall, Dodge will introduce the all-new 2009
Dodge Ram 1500 with game-changing exterior and interior design, innovations,
best-in-class features and craftsmanship.

Chrysler Brand

The brand's succession of innovative products continues to solidify
Chrysler's standing as the leader in design, agile performance and innovative
technology built around a customer's needs, all at an extraordinary value.
Loaded with premium features, including the fuel-saving
Multi-displacement System technology, the 2009 Chrysler 300 continues to stand
apart from the crowd. The dramatic exterior design of the award-winning
Chrysler 300, along with sophisticated interior amenities and technologies,
establish a new large-car formula not easily copied.
Arriving at Chrysler dealers nationwide this fall, the new 2009 Chrysler
Aspen Hybrid will give a unique option to customers who need the cargo and
towing capability of a sport-utility vehicle, but want a more fuel efficient
alternative. Chrysler Aspen Hybrid is more than 25 percent more fuel efficient
overall, and up to 40 percent more fuel efficient in the city.

LINK: CNW Group | CHRYSLER CANADA INC. | Now Hitting Showrooms - New 2009 Chrysler and Dodge Minivans with 8 Percent Fuel Economy Improvement
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