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OEM Navus 2 Navigaiton, Anyone Interested??

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Hello all,

I had purchased a Navus 2 Nitro Navigation unit for my Nitro long before I installed the Pioneer Headunit into my Nitro. I had bought the unit for $700, and it finally came, but now I cannot use it. I know it is a big loss for me, but if anyone could use it, especially for a Christmas present, I could REALLY use the money. I am willing to sell it for $500 PLUS Shipping. Many Dodge sites are selling this same EXACT unit for $700-$900 as no one can get a hold of it. It is BRAND NEW and was only opened to take the pictures. The install is about a 12 step install as per the enclosed directions, and it even includes some Bezels for the different Nitro colors, as seen in the pics. The install looks VERY easy, maybe an hour- 1.5 hours for the unskilled.

I would keep the unit, but I spent $1400 plus install of my Pioneer. I am not selling this so low because it is stolen, or broken, but I am out $700 for the holiday shopping, and need to make up at least most of my mistake.

Thanks for looking. If you are interested let me know I accept paypal, and can ship this week overnight if needed.

Here are the pics:

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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