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Passenger side seat belt buzzer?

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If I drive my Nitro without buckling my seat belt my seat belt indicator lights up in the dash and the seat belt chime goes off. If my passenger does not buckle up the car does NOT set off the seat belt light and chime.

My 2006 Charger DOES chime if my passenger does not buckle up. The Charger can sense if there is a person in the passenger seat and it will not chime if the seat is empty. I figured that my Nitro should do the same thing since both cars are supposed to have intelligent airbags.

Could someone please let me know if this is how the Nitro is set up? Does your Nitro seatbelt chime go off if your passenger does not buckle up?
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Sorry, can't tell ya: my wife ALWAYS buckles up, and so should you btw. I don't know how it is where you live, but here in Minnesota it's the driver that gets ticketed no matter who in the vehichle is not buckled up!
I am not trying to get around the seat belt reminders. My wife and I always wear our seat belts. The intent of my post was to determine if the passenger seat occupancy sensor in my Nitro is faulty, thus not triggering the passenger side seat belt reminder and possibly disabling the passenger side airbags.

The question still remains, does the Nitro set off the seat belt reminder if a passenger does not buckle up?
seat belt

No it doesnt, i drive mine alone alot and also my father in law doesnt like wearing one and there is no alarm on the passanger seat.
My passenger side doesn't beep when the passenger doesn't buckle up. My father sat there and I realized he didn't wear his seat belt --- and thought it was odd that it didn't alert me since all the other cars I had DID. I read the manual and it says nothing about the passenger. It does give you instructions on how to shut off the driver's side beeping though. I wear my seatbelt so it doesn't really matter to me.
my buzzer goes off if the passenger takes off their sealtbelt.
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