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any1 know of any performance parts for a SLT 4X4 3.7L Nitro ???

let me know,
- Dave
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alaskannitro said:
k&n air filter for 4.0,3.7, and 2.8 L4 dsl(what ever that is?) part #33-2363
2.8 is the CRD turbo diesel engine available in Europe and Australia.
head lites

pspc271 said:
I know its not exactly a performance part, but does anyone know if there is a HID head light kit out yet?
i am also looking for better head lites, tryed jobers hear in canada, vancouver no luck. p.s. lights sure help performance(at night) cliff
ASP Pulley
LX model (Charger and Magnum) exhaust manifolds
JBA even makes headers for the LX models.
3.89 gears from a dodge intrepid SE with 2.7L ( will give final gear ratio 3.89)
Throttle body bore job
Convert the intake system to use the older prowler intake system and get the throttle body bored from 68mm to 70mm, holley makes a plate for the 70mm setup.
If you got deep pockets there is the Prowler Pro super charger.
Performance chip. Com has dual air intakes, and stage 1,2,and 3 performance chips starting at 99.00
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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