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I've been in the market for a while now, have been test driving Liberties, Commanders, Nitros, and Patriots. Since I am younger, The only commanders, ect I can find in my price range have pretty high mileage.

So yesterday I found a Black 2007 Nitro R/T with 60k miles for $14,600. (Priced well since the base models are the same around here)

For an 07, It drives extremely well compared to the other's i've driven (Best Nitro ive test driven by far)

Some things it has to offer:
20 Chrome rims
navigation screen
leather seats
Exterior and Interior are in very well shape.

Carfax is clean, 1 owner that purchased it new, local trade in. Only service that had to be done was a recall fix (found on carfax), and an interior pirce of trim that had to be replaced..

How are your thoughts on the 07 Nitros? Other than the Jeep Patriots, this is the only SUV that's in my price range. I like the patriots, but their much smaller, and just feel 'Cheap'

Need to know if I should have them hold the vehicle for me!
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