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September 24, 2009
Power Tool Drag Racing is Huge in England

We see power tools and think home improvements. A bunch of wacky gearheads in England see power tools and think drag racing. We love stuff like this and these guys and girls have taken it to the next level. We’ve heard of people drag racing belt sanders, but these people build junk you can ride!

According to a story on the UK’s Silverline Power Tool Drag Racing event is a big success! (From This is The West Country) site, chainsaws and leaf blowers commonly provide the power to the vehicles that racers ride. From the lead photo it appears that running multiple motors is not only legal, but encouraged. Our type of deal!

LINK:Power Tool Drag Racing is Huge in England – CarDomain Blog

The most amazing part of the whole competition is the fact that it it truly international. People from America showed up to compete. We think this should go onto our gearhead bucket list. It’s ingenuity at its finest!
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