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Pretty Cool Idea!!!! Works Great!!!

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Hello, How Are All Of You Doing, Hope That This May Help Someone On Their Adventure With The Dodge Nitro......

My MOM Rides With Me Alot And Needs A Step To Get In The Nitro. I Had Been Using A Portable One Step And Definitely Got Tired Of Pulling It Out Of The Vehicle And Vice Versa. I Tried Some Nerf Bars But They Were Not Low Enough And Were In The Way For When SHE Gets Out. Called Amp Research And They Said That They Do Not Make The Door Opening Lowered Running Board For Suv's. Kodiak Has A One Step But Not For The Nitro. Came Up With Many Ideas But Only One Came Out Great, Easy To Install, Much Cheaper Than The Nerf Bars Or Running Boards And Only Needed One Side Done, The Front Passenger Side; Looks Great, No Problems Getting In Or Out, Looks One Of A Kind, Customized So To Speak, Can Be Added Wherever Necessary.........

Alright, What I Used Was A $59.00 Black Rv One Step And Had A Friend Weld Braces On It And Drilled A Couple Of Holes And We Got It To Fit Directly Underneath The Front Passenger Door. Did Not Weld On The Vehicle Frame, Only The Rv One Step. Drilled A Total Of 6 Holes In The Vehicle Frame And Installed 4 Pop Rivets That Have Internal Threads To Screw In The 4 Bolts To Hold Up The Rv Step And 2 Heavy Duty Self Tapping Screws To Also Support The Backside. The Hardest Part Was Drilling Thru The Vehicle Frame, Very Hard Forged Iron. Drilled Quarter Inch Holes Only.

When Needed, I Pull The Rv Step Out, My MOM Gets In And Then I Put The Rv Step Back In Its Slot. When SHE Gets Out, The Rv Step Is Out Of The Way. I Put On Some Corrosion Resistant Paint And Will Use Rubber Coating Around Some Areas.

This Rv Step Can Be Removed Easily From Your Vehicle Permanently If You Change Your Mind And Want Something Else, Because It Will Be Only Bolted On, Not Welded. Use Stainless Steel Pop Rivets Instead Of The Aluminum, For Extra Strength.

Good Luck To All From Mcnabb In Louisiana!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sounds like a great solution...
Only something is missing! :(

You know what I'm gonna say, right?? :p

This thread is worthless without pics!!!!! :D
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Cool mod! But what about pics? Gotta see 'em: no use just talking about it, gotta show it!
new to computer age

Hello, Thankyou For The Interest In Pictures Of My Blue Nitro. Not To Sound Behind Time But Actually I Am Because I Dont Currently Own A Digital Camera And I Would Have To Figure Out How To Download Them To The Computer Then This Website.

Will Purchase A Digital Camera And Get With Some Of My Friends About The Downloading Part And Try To Post The Pictures In A Short Time. Please Be Patient I Work Some Crazy Hours.

When Pictures Are Downloaded, I Will Put Up A New Thread Saying "the Pictures Are Finally In". Thanks Again To All.

Mcnabb In Louisiana.................
Hey Mcnabb, we understand!
Here's a link to a thread a posted with a pic posting How-To

When you're ready, it would actually be better if you posted the pics in this thread so readers who have already subscribed in anticipation of seeing them will be automatically notified! Looking forward to it...
Wow MCNABB, you didn't waste any time! Great job on your project and your 1st time posting pics.

Hope to see more from you!
More Pictures From Louisiana............

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More Pictures..............from Louisiana.....

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One More Picture..........

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Taking care of Mom

Outstanding! Great pics and solution to a problem. The step looks good and easy to use. Regards
Thankyou Kaz!!!

Thankyou Kaz For The Appreciation Of The Step And For The Encouragement To Help My Mom.

Somewhere Down The Road, Somebody Might Be Able To Pickup On This Idea About The Step, Not Only To Be Used On The Nitro But Other Vehicles As Well. Five Years From Now If It Starts Rusting Away And Falling Apart, All I Have To Do Is Unscrew 4 Bolts And 2 Screws And Reinstall Another One Along With The Small Modifications That Was Needed To Make It Work.

Always Good To Here Input From All!!!

Mcnabb In Louisiana.....................
Just A Reply..........

Wanted All To Know That There Is No Rattling Noise From The Step When Driving. The Way The Steps Are Made Is The Reason For This. The Factory Step Has A Resting Place When Not In Use And Will Not Allow It To Come Out Of It Unless It Is Manually Pulled Out.

I'm Still Pleased With It And Hoping That It Has Given Others Some Ideas Of Their Own.

Mcnabb In Louisiana................
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