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Prius hybrid was Japan’s best-selling car in May

Posted Thursday, Jun 4, 2009, 2:43 pm in Employee News

Toyota Motor Corp’s Prius hybrid was Japan’s best-selling car in May, a dealers’ group said on Thursday, attesting to robust demand for low-emission cars helped by government incentives amid flagging auto sales, Reuters reported.

Competition also is heating up between automakers as the Prius (a new model of which hit the market last month), grabbed the top slot for the first time after Honda Motor Co’s new Insight became the first hybrid to head the best-seller list in Japan in April, Reuters said. The third-generation model Prius, which went on sale on May 18, was priced about $3,000 less than the previous version. There were more than 80,000 advance orders for it, the news service said.

A ranking of Japan’s top 30 (excluding mini vehicles) by the Japan Automobile Dealers Association showed the Prius selling 10,915 cars in May, followed by Honda’s Fit compact with sales of 8,859 cars. The Insight was in third place with 8,183 cars, the story said. (Reuters)
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