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I am new here.
I apologize for my language, but I am not English speaking.
I bought Dodge Nitro from 2011.
I have an annoying problem with the horn signal.
When I put the key in and turn it to the ignition position, a single warning signal from the horn is emitted. The same happens when I put out the engine and pull out the key from the ignition. Is it possible to turn off these warning horns from the horn?
Thank you for your help.
I will mention that I have access to witech, but I do not see the option of switching it off there.

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Sounds like your Nitro is talking to you!

Yes it has an error that needs to be addressed. It could be as simple as to reset it's computer by disconnecting the battery to reset it. Maybe the key fob is bad? Installing a new battery.

The best thing to do is purchase a OBDII/CAN Code Reader

Using this inexpensive tool should allow you to see what your Nitro is trying to say is wrong, and needs to be addressed. GOOD LUCK

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