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I would like to exchange the light slate grey interior parts (dash and door panels) with the dark slate grey parts of the R/T version. Can someone give me infos about the Mopar part numbers for the 2008 year parts that I need?

How much will these parts cost me? (4 door panels, front panels under the driving wheel and on the front passenger side under the airbag, with the drawer).

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I know that the door panels are very expensive. They are probably $400 - $500 USD each! I'm not sure about the dash parts.
Go to:
click on: for owners - a tab at the top of the page
on the new page, find Mopar on the right side. click on: find it, buy it, own it
you will see a list of all the Dodge products. Click on Nitro parts. Put in your year, and you will come to a list. each heading breaks down into categories. You should come to a picture with numbers. Scroll down to the part you want, and if the part is available, you will get a price.
I think it would be much easier for you to get the parts you need off of a salvage or wreck.

Good luck.

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