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Wife hit a deer. Got the bumper off. Not looking bad at all!? Got a few fab and mod ideas in mind

Gonna lift it 4.5” in the front, 4” in the rear. Fab on some off road style Jeep bumpers. Drop down to 18” wheels and run a 265/65 A/T. Might get a ole cheap shad tree paint job. I’d like to see it sat black, high gloss grill, high gloss wheels, chrome lugs and keep the factory chrome accents


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To start my lift project I just found the cheapest of eBay store parts to see what the nitro suspension is capable of. To find there’s little to no lifting components available. And to find the nitro suspension is not very capable of lifting. To get a round about idea of what it will really take to set the nitro up right this is where I started.

On the rear) I used two cheapo 2” so called “lift kit” put one on top of the coil spring and one under the coil spring. It bumped it up 4” then I was able to take judgments on shock length, coil springs and track bar. Still taking judgment and researching the rear radius arms. As of now I’m thinking skyjacker springs and b8514 skyjacker shocks.

NOTE: With the rear suspension fully extended the nitro can only provide so much down travel. With all down travel she’s got the shock mount to mount length is 25”. With the nitro let down on the +4” and coil springs the shock mount to mount length is 20.5”. The stock shock length is 14” compressed 22” extended. The b8514 skyjacker shock length is 15.57” compressed 26.06” extended.

On the front) I attempted the same concept in doubling up on the 2” so called “lift kit” and found that the upper control arm swings down in to the coil-over spring and severely maxed out the tie rods at about 3” of lift hight. So I couldn’t add the second set of strut extensions. But it gave me the idea I needed.

To get the second set of strut extensions/“lift kit” on I will be using aftermarket Jeep Liberty upper control arms to correct the upper control arms geometry. Then dropping the whole lower suspension/motor carriage down 2” and extend the motor mount up 2”. The motor will still sit as normal but will drop the lower suspension and steering rack down 2”. This will put the lower control arms and tie rods back in there original geometry. Then add the second set of strut extensions. The end result will be 4” of lift with the geometry of just a 2” lift. After all that said is done I can take judgment on quality front struts. Hoping skyjacker offers something to match up with the rear I have in mine as for as ride quality and ride height.

Continued: The lost nitro project


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