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Do any of you have any updated information on the availability of the R/T, MyGIG, and the 20 inch rims? That's what I'm waiting for!!
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As a matter of fact I do... I saw the first two listed on eBay yesterday? Can anyone else confirm any at there local dealers?

I would post the links but I cannot since this is one of my first posts.

Anyone seen a Nitro with the MyGig system yet??

Re: R/t Avail....

So does that mean the R/T's are available? I heard they werent suppose to come out till next year, and All wheel Drive wasnt until july?
My Nitro Rt Has Every Thing But Mygig That Come Out Next Year In All Dcx Car @ Truck
I'm glad I'm waiting till next year cause I want the mygig player :)
Stopped at one of my local dealers last night and they had 3 R/Ts. One white and 2 silvers..

thanx for the info, that means my nitro is closer to being in my driveway than I initially anticipated.:D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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