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Betts: Ram earned Consumer Reports’ recomendation

Posted Tuesday, Oct 27, 2009, 5:31 pm in Company Comments Off

Last modified on Tuesday, Oct 27, 2009, 5:42 pm.

Doug Betts, Senior Vice President—Quality, sent the following note to employees today:

Consumer Reports magazine announced today the results of their 2009 Annual Reliability Survey. I am pleased to tell you that Consumer Reports has recommended the four-wheel drive version of the all-new Ram 1500 pickup, citing its road test scores and reliability ratings.

We were expecting that getting a recommendation for Ram would be a close call, but it was due to all of your efforts that we received this acknowledgement. The Chrysler team worked very aggressively to improve factory quality, put design fixes into production and repair vehicles at dealers before getting into the customers hands, as well as other measures to minimize any inconvenience that our customers might see. These measures and the fundamental great design of the product have given us our only recommended vehicle on the list.

While we can take great pride in this achievement, we know there is still lots of work to be done. Obviously, we still have many products that are not recommended by Consumer Reports due either to inadequate road test scores or below average reliability.

Remember that Consumer Reports uses a three year window of vehicles in order to judge reliability, so the 30 percent improvement we have made in warranty claims over the past 18 months will take some time to appear in their annual reliability surveys. For that reason, changing the reliability rating for our new vehicles in Consumer Reports will take a long time. We have to stick to our jobs and continue to drive improvement every day. In fact it is clear that we have to continue to change the ways we work and become even more aggressive. The competitors are not sitting still waiting for us to catch them.

Consumer Reports is considered to be one of the most credible sources of information for consumers. Success in this measure will drive better business results for Chrysler in the future, if we invest the time, the effort, and the intelligence of all of the Chrysler team into this objective.
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