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Rear plate mount

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Are you guys mounting the rear plate with just the top 2 plate screws or are you using all four? My Nitro only has screw holes in the top 2 foam-like "pads" in the rear plate area.
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I used only the two top holes to physically mount the plate, but used two adhesive rubber/plastic studs (found at Target) on the bottom to keep the plate/frame from damaging the paint.
That is a great idea, i hate that it only has the 2 screw holes!
Same thing in front...
My SRT8 also only has 2 mounting holes and I thought about using the adhesive rubber bumper, but the plate bounces around and I wanted to solve that problem as well as the paint damage issue, so I used adhesive backed velcro on the bottom of my plate.... Works like a champ!
Yeah, my 2006 Charger also only has 2 rear plate holes. The Nitro fooled me because it has rubber pads near the bottom plate holes. When I actually held a plate up to the Nitro it was clear, the rubber pads are there to protect the paint.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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