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Does anyone know if my 2007 nitro's rear window defroster is covered by my extended warranty. It has about 16000 miles on it and I noticed today one of the defroster lines is not defrosting anymore. Which makes looking out the back window a little strange with a big stripe of ice on it.
for any info

Jim go to Official Dodge Site - New Autos, Trucks, Minivans, SUVs, Cars, Wagons and Select "For Owners" @ top right

Then "Warranty/Extended Coverage" in center section" on next page

Fill in your vehicle info Service Contract number and then you should be able to print a copy of all your the warranties that cover your Nitro.

After not finding it under Electrical in mine I found Rear Window Defroster listed as covered under Power Group

A Dealer just uses your VIN number and they can bring up the same info. I went to the Dodge Site "For Owners" and printed my own when I was told I really did not need a copy. Who knows what the future holds, so I recommend that all Nitro owners protect themselves and make sure you have a copy of all your warranties including the free Lifetime Powertrain Limited Warranty on all sold and delivered after July 26, 2007.

There may be more than one Extended Warranty Plans, but mine says Lifetime Maximum Care Wrap for Lifetime Warranty Owners. Hope this helps and Good Luck!
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