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Toyota Replacing Brake Components On 2007-2011 Camry Hybrid


Toyota has launched a customer-satisfaction service campaign on certain 2007-2011 Toyota Camry hybrid vehicles that could, without warning, lose power assist for their brakes.

On affected vehicles (more than 177,000 are potentially involved), the brake fluid reservoir has two chambers that are interconnected via a fluid pass-through with a filter in between. If this filter gets clogged from sediment or rust residue, it can cause the brake warning lamp to illuminate due to low fluid level in one chamber. This happens because of the filter in the fluid pass-through becoming clogged.

Under certain circumstances additional warning lamps could illuminate and front brake assist could be temporarily lost, which could lead to a crash. The automaker says that no accidents or injuries to date have occurred as a result of this problem -- hence the service-campaign classification and not recall status.

However, because it's an acknowledged safety defect in a critical safety system, Consumer Reports has called for a recall of these models.

As part of the service, dealers will replace the brake fluid reservoir on affected vehicles at no charge, because this is a service campaign or customer satisfaction action.

This is a limited-time service campaign, and there is a reimbursement program in place for owners that have paid for this repair previously. Should a person want to take advantage of the reimbursement program, ask dealers for the application and make sure to have all supporting documentation, including the repair bill specifically for the brake reservoir replacement. Toyota is making this campaign good until June 30, 2017 after which it will end and customers will have to pay for this repair.

Should a person want to determine if a vehicle is involved, call a local dealer with your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), or call Toyota Customer Service at 800-331-4331.
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