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Recall Alert: Hummer H3

Posted: May. 06, 2010

GM is recalling over 160,000 Hummer H3s from the 2006 to 2010 model years.

Kicking Tires explains, "The recall is due to a potential defect in the hood that could cause it to detach while being driven. Some of the H3s from these model years have integral clip-tabs on the hood’s louver that may fracture. In these cases the hood louver could rattle against the hood and come loose. Gone unaddressed, more clips could fracture and the hood could come free while the vehicle is in motion."

Autoblog says, "The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is warning H3 owners to be on the lookout for any vibration of the louver assembly, as that may be an indicator that a failure is likely. A total of 162,000 Hummers are covered under the recall, and General Motors says that technicians will apply an adhesive in order to keep the louvers from coming loose at no cost."

LINK: Recall Alert: Hummer H3 - U.S. News Rankings and Reviews
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