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Recall Alert: Mercedes G-Class

Aug 10, 2010

Honda wasn’t the only car manufacturer to issue a recall yesterday. Mercedes-Benz issued two recalls for 2002-10 G-Class SUVs because certain components failed to meet federal motor vehicle safety standards.

The first recall applies to 3,552 G-Class SUVs from 2002-10 that have a grille over the front turn signals. “The vehicles are equipped with a protective grille cover over the signal, which may reduce the visibility over time,” Consumer Reports explains. “The reduced visibility of the lights may be challenging for other drivers to see and therefore increase the risk of a crash. Dealers will install new turn units, which work better for usage with the grilles.”

The second applies to 1,938 2002-9 G-Class models that have a front protective grille bar over the fender turn signals and head lamps. “It doesn’t meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards No. 108. The grille cannot cover the front headlamps, according to the safety standard,” Kicking Tires reports.

Services for both recalls will be provided free of charge.

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