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Dear Rick,

We placed the order with You for caliper covers for your '07 Nitro today.
And You asked me what You could post on your Dodge Club Forum... Like I told You, there is no more coupon codes available for clubs, like it was earlier.

However, I will be more than happy to assist club members who are ready to place the order and need a good deal.

Here is the link for all available accessories for Nitro: Dodge Nitro Accessories & Parts
Feel free to post my info on your forum:
Andrew Korni,
1 800 505 3274 ext 886
CarID Sales Manager

I can also give you my direct line - 609 436 4753, for you personally.

Thank You

Andrew Korni
Sales Department
Tel 800.505.3274 Ext 886
[email protected]

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