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Release date

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any word on the release date for the nitro R/T?
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From all the press I've read it looks like all 3 models: Base,SLT,R/T will be offered when the Nitro first goes on sale this Fall.
Has anyone heard a specific date? I thought I read somewhere that it would be sometime in July, anyone else heard anything different?
Just finished talking to my local dealer. He said what he has heard is late Sept. or early Oct. to have them in stock., as of yet they have not even received their dealer training on the new nitro. Only that it is coming this early fall & the web build & price is for sampling to see how many pkgs. & options will be offered right off at the launch.
I hope they improve the look of the build and price, the images they are using of the Nitro's looks like grade school computer art. They may be doing more harm than good leaving it up in the condition it is in.
All I've heard so far is "Fall", but we'll keep our ear to the ground!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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