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How to remove grease and oil from a car's interior

That mechanic tracked grease onto your beige interior. Whether it was the guy at your local shop or the guy that looks at you in the mirror everyday you need a way to get it out. I had been working at a repair shop for almost a year when learned "The Secret." One of the mechanics had left grease on the interior of a notoriously grouchy customer's car. My boss who had been working on cars for 30 years retreated back into the shop only to return with a bottle of brake cleaner.

Yep, aerosol brake cleaner is the secret weapon against grease, oil, pen marks, and ground in dirt. Just make sure all of the doors are open because this stuff is very harmful if inhaled. Then test it in an inconspicuous area. I mean this, some dyed fabrics and leathers will get, um, un-dyed. I found out the hard way on my Chrysler. Once you spray it on let it sit a few minutes and then scrub. You may want to follow with a better smelling cleaning product and you must let the car air out for about half an hour.

That's about all, this method has never failed me so good luck!

LINK: How to remove grease and oil from a cars interior - by Erica Fields - Helium

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Great tip, I'll have to remember that one.
I've found Autoglym products great too
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