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Resumption of Posting News Articles

Yes for those that want to follow what is going on in “Print”, like me, I am going to start printing Links again related to Chrysler, Chrysler Group and Nitro. We have just returned from a 18 day, 11 State and Canada, 5,000 mile really neat vacation. Sorry not in a Nitro, but maybe next year. May post a review of what we did and what we recommend.

When I came home found all the lights on my SBC wireless modem quivering. At first I thought it was just having withdrawn symptoms from not using it for nearly 3 weeks (computer was off) but no it was really dead. Since it was out of warranty, SBC (AT&T) sold me an updated 2701HG-B Gateway but even with overnight shipping, because of the weekend, took till Monday afternoon.

When I checked my mail there were over 1,000 messages and 200 in the spam folder, many involving Automotive Links. I have whittled them down to 500 and will post what I feel some may find informative. Will try not to be redundant, but if I am please forgive any mistakes on my part.

Hope everyone is having a great summer and enjoying their new Nitros!

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