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And on the inside?

Here’s where it gets interesting. The 2008 Patriot, if we may take a moment to reminisce, had an interior clearly created by bean counters and not designers. Though not especially unattractive in its basic design, it possessed potentially the lowest-quality combination of plastics ever offered in a production car - resulting in shiny, hard surfaces everywhere you looked or felt.

In response to customer and media complaints, Jeep did something almost unheard of in the auto industry. They took a rapid approach to addressing the shortfalls of the old sea of plastic and replaced it, just one model year later, with an interior that looks like it was destined for a luxury car but found its way to Jeep’s Illinois factory.

Out with the Playskool plastic and blob shapes and in with low-sheen materials, simpler, more organic designs, soft-touch surfaces and upscale bits of chrome-style trim. Where there was once a medley of surfaces and colors, you’ll now find materials that appear to have been chosen because they worked well together. In this world of nickel and diming to keep down costs, this transformation is nothing short of remarkable.

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