Hey all, new to forums but lots of plans for my 4.0, but it all starts with a new Pulley Bracket / Accessory Drive Bracket that the secondary belt pulleys bolt to on front of engine. They have them new but not trying to spend that much, I may have to just stop being lazy and go pull one myself from a local yard 😅 but if you have one for sale for $200ish lmk plz. Mine is busted at the yellow circles in pic/where AC compressor bolts on. I don’t need the pulleys just the Bracket they bolt to (unless they are included for free, extras never hurt) Here’s some contact info to call/text/email me at

Rich @
[email protected]
If you text plz put in msg that it’s for the “Nitro 4.0 part” but ya, I’m in RedCreek NY so I would need it shipped, which I’ll obviously pay for, I use PayPal like most everyone else (I won’t send money unprotected) but ya lmk, thx all 🏴‍☠️