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GM joins Segway in 2-person, 2-wheel vehicle

Posted Tuesday, Apr 7, 2009, 2:17 pm in Employee News

General Motors—under an end-of-May deadline to come up with a viable plan of operation—has joined forces with personal-transporter maker Segway to develop a two-seat, two-wheeled, electrically powered vehicle for use navigating city streets, reported today.

The prototype for the new vehicle—called Project P.U.M.A., which stands for Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility—was unveiled today in New York, the online publication reported. The two-person scooter-mobile travels up to 35 miles per hour and runs as much as 35 miles between recharges, the two companies told the media. The vehicle runs on large-format lithium-ion batteries that the companies say produce no emissions, making it environmentally friendly.

The companies said Project P.U.M.A. also features real-time traffic and other connectivity technology similar to GM’s OnStar system for automobiles. It also includes a system that prevents the scooter from bumping into other objects. (
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