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Should i buy a Nitro? Would you buy one again?

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Ok i'm ready to get out of my 01 toyota celica that i have had for 7yrs 123,000 miles and no problems, but i need something bigger now. I've read all the complaints about the Nitro but also good things, now if you'd have to do it again would you buy the Nitro all overs again? Should i get one? Will i regret it if i do? Any help and honest answers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Welcome Bat!

Lots of discussion on that for any car/truck purchase, and lets face it "Discussion Groups" do attract many that are un-happy. But here I believe you will find mainly those happy with the design and love their Nitro.

Sure there are issues that need to be addressed and many have found answers here. You have a very good lifetime warranty on the power-train with a new purchase and I myself fortified that adding extended warranty coverage (see post on that subject). Early on it was apparent that the R/T series seemed to have far less issues since it has a different engine, transmission and suspension. That is what I chose and couldn't be happier and plan to keep it a very long time.

However any 08 Nitro now should be very dependable and enjoyable to drive. Look over all that posts here and on other Sites. Most past issues have been corrected in production, or by Dealerships in-the-know, it was just a rough start that all Nitro owners see in reviews by trade magazines. Too bad they don't do a follow-up with a year newer model, but they just don't.

Being close to the February New Chrysler kick off, I would wait to see what is going to be added to the Nitro (if anything) and if any Nitro models will be discontinued. All of this has been posted here and we should shortly know what the future hold.

Again I wanted what I bought and could not be happier. Good Luck with whatever you decide. This is your best source as to what owners feel about their purchase, forget about Car Magazine articles or reviews, or salesman. They are all trying to sell you something! You learn the truth from Owners.
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The R/T has a five speed with a stronger 24 valve motor, but would be even be better if it has a 6 speed O/D as my Wifes Ford Explorer V8. We took it on vacation out West and drove 5,000 miles, mainly highway and at 80 mph much of the time. We got an amazing 20 MPG for the whole trip! Don't have even 3,000 miles on Nitro and have not taken any road trips with it yet. It is getting faster, with better gas mileage as it becomes broken in, and the engine sounds great. I do use premium 89 gas in it, and you can not use E-85 so that may be something to consider. Many think a HP engine gets bad mileage, but that is not always the case.
Bat, have you test drove a R/T yet? Just posted a good Review today on one that states it is much better than any Liberty, as most of us already know here. Wife's fully loaded V8 Explorer (3 seat, rear air/heat, etc) is about the same as what you were looking at and it is in the shop for several days for repairs under warranty (engine & trans) so who knows. Think you will want it after a "test drive". Good Luck and let us know what you decide!
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