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Should i buy a Nitro? Would you buy one again?

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Ok i'm ready to get out of my 01 toyota celica that i have had for 7yrs 123,000 miles and no problems, but i need something bigger now. I've read all the complaints about the Nitro but also good things, now if you'd have to do it again would you buy the Nitro all overs again? Should i get one? Will i regret it if i do? Any help and honest answers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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If you want a cool looking, mostly adequate SUV then the Nitro is for you.

I was driving a Magnum prior to this and had every intention on holding it until the Challenger was out and buy that. But since there was such a ground swell around the Challenger, I figured it would be untouchable for the first year so in the interim I bought a Nitro.

In retrospect I have no idea what made me buy it other than its looks and the ideas that it gave me for upgrades.

Power, the R/T has quite a bit of power for a heavy vehicle
good handling for an SUV, much better than a blazer or explorer in my opinion
lifetime service

Poor interior design
No leg room
cheap chrome clad rims
highway fuel mileage sucks
no lumbar support
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